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Aaila Tachin

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Quick Overview

For the first time on Awaaz.com, 'The All-Rounder' Tachin is talking about 'Aaila Tachin Academy'. They are also looking for promising cricketers for their team. In this case, some of India's most famous celebs approach Tachin with recommendations for their children. Let's hear who has recommended their children to Tachin.

Aaila Tachin
Price: $90.00

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  • Episode | 7 Episode(s)

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Price: $12.80

Aila Tachin Academy Today, the 'Shahanshah' himself has come to meet Tachin. Let's hear what happened when the emperor met Tachin.

Garam Paji

Price: $12.80

Aila Tachin Academy Today, Garam Paji comes to recommend his son Bobby Deol to Tachin, but Tachin selects Garam Paji as an umpire at his academy.

Pana Chatekar

Price: $12.80

Aila Tachin Academy It was amazing, when pana came to Tachin to join the academy. You will also enjoy listening to the interesting conversations that happened between Pana and Tachin.

Tawajuddin Piddiki

Price: $12.80

Aila Tachin Academy Today, Tachin himself was star stuck during the selection when Tawazuddin Piddiqui. He expressed his desire to play international cricket in front of Tachin.

Bhakti Kapoor

Price: $12.80

Aila Tachin Academy Today, it was amazing when Bhakti Kapoor was not even ready to leave the studio, he just wants to play at Tachin's academy but Tachin refused. Let's hear what happened then.

Javed ji

Price: $12.80

Aila Tachin Academy In this episode you will hear how Tachin's mind is baffled by Javed Akhtar's words. Tachin is trying to understand what Javed is saying. Let's hear what happens.

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