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Baba Bakwas S1

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Quick Overview

'Baba Bakwaas' is a hillarious show about a Baba, who gives extremely wierd advices to the locals who come to visit him with their all the more wierd problems. Listening to the solutions Baba gives to these people, you are forced to say "Baba, stop the nonsense".

Price: $80.00

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  • Episode | 10 Episode(s)

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Husband has left me

Price: $8.00

A wife whose husband has left her comes to Baba to ask for a solution to her problem. But our Baba tells her a quick fix that has no logic.

Double chin

Price: $8.00

Baba has a cure for obesity and getting rid of double chin. What happens when a boy comes to Baba to find a solution? Listen to this nonsense of this Wise Baba.

How to earn more money ?

Price: $8.00

Who doesn't want to earn more money? A boy comes to Baba with this desire. What advice will Baba give him?

Aanda curry se pet dard

Price: $8.00

A girl who is having stomach ache by eating egg curry comes to Baba to ask him for a way to cure stomach ache. But will Baba's remedy be of any use to her?

Baacha nahi ho raha

Price: $8.00

A girl without children comes to Baba looking for a solution for her troubles.

Pati se pyaar nhi mil raha

Price: $8.00

A woman who wanted the same love as before from husband, comes to Baba looking for a solution to her problem. Will Baba be able to find a solution of this problem?

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