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Quick Overview

'Baba Bakwaas' is a hillarious show about a Baba, who gives extremely wierd advices to the locals who come to visit him with their all the more wierd problems. Listening to the solutions Baba gives to these people, you are forced to say "Baba, stop the nonsense".

Price: $250.00

Agrahyah Technologies


  • Supari | 10 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    1 Mins
  • Target Audience
    18 Yrs-60 Yrs


Supari EP 01

Price: $25.00
Listen to how Danish Sait pranked Indian singer Baadshah and get ROFL'ing!

Supari EP 02

Price: $25.00
Once again, We bring you our very own prankster Danish Saith. Listen to how he wants to celebrate his dog's birthday.

Supari EP 03

Price: $25.00
Danish Sait has taken another supari listen to his rib-tickling conversation with a caller.

Supari EP 04

Price: $25.00
Get set ready for another Supari. Listen to this Hilarious prank call over the electricity bill.

Supari EP 05

Price: $25.00
Are you ready ROFLing? Then avail this rib-tickling prank call about free petrol.

Supari EP 06

Price: $25.00
Once again, Nograj irritates a caller as he gives the idea of getting married to a married man for renting an apartment.
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