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Maa Durga

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Quick Overview

Maa Durga, the Goddess of war, the warrior form of Parvati. The mythological narrative revolves around combating evil and demonic forces. Durga is also a fierce form of the protective mother, Maa Durga who unleashes her devine wrathagainst the wicket for the liberation of the opressed. Listen to this epic show to know about different incarnations of Maa Durga.

Maa Durga
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  • Maa Durga S01 | 18 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    5 Mins
  • Target Audience
    18 Yrs-60 Yrs


E01 Maa Durga- Ma Durga ka Swaroop

Price: $25.00

In this episode, Maa Durga helps solve the famine conditionsprevalent around the World due to the activities of the evil demons.

E02 Maa Durga- Pratham Durga Avatar - Maa Shailputri

Price: $25.00

In this episode, we witness the origin of Maa Durga's first Avatar known as "Maa Shailputri"

E03 Maa Durga- Dviteeya Durga Avatar - Maa Brahmacharini

Price: $25.00
In this episode, we understand the meaning of Maa Durga's second avatar - called as "Maa Brahmacharini", known for the power in her meditation.

E04 Maa Durga- Triteeya Durga Avatar - Maa Chandraghanta

Price: $25.00
This episode depicts the third avatar of Maa Durga - known as "Maa Chandraghanta" which represents the readiness of a War riding on the back of King Lion

E05 Maa Durga- Chaturtha Durga Avatar - Maa Kushmanda

Price: $25.00
This episode talks about the fourth avatar of Maa Durga - known as "Maa Kushmanda" known for creation of the Universe.

E06 Maa Durga- Pancham Durga Avatar - Maa Skandmata

Price: $25.00
In this episode, we witness the fifth avatar of Maa Durga - called "Maa Skandmata" which is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri
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