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Case 104

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Quick Overview

An intense and thrilling audio series, CASE 104 is an action-packed crime show that goes behind the scenes to expose some of the most hideous crimes, and how the police solves or stops a crime from being committed. Each episode will have you on the edge with its nail-biting plot and forceful performances.

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Case 104
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  • Case 104 S01 | 8 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    30 Mins
  • Target Audience
    18 Yrs-45 Yrs


Case 104 S01 E01

Price: $50.00
Someone shoots Jail Superintendent RK Tripathi at point blank range in broad daylight, causing his death. The police come up with a list of suspects who may have a role to play in this homicide. Listen to the thriller unfold.

Case 104 S01 E02

Price: $50.00

Rony’s life is a high-profile rag to riches story. Shot in broad daylight, his death remains a mystery, the cause being put as crossfire between brothers. Is it? Listen to this spine chilling double murder case in Case 104.

Case 104 S01 E03

Price: $50.00

Kritika Sharma, a former airhostess with MDLR, commits suicide. She leaves two suicide notes, accusing Handa of harassment. Kritika is an ambitious girl then why commit suicide? How is Handa involved in this suicide?

Case 104 S01 E04

Price: $50.00

An unidentified assailant shoots Sabia Rehman, an Indian environmentalist & RTI activist, from point blank range, killing her. Why would anyone kill a social activist? Listen to this hair-raising murder mystery to know the answer.

Case 104 S01 E05

Price: $50.00

Listen to the heart-wrenching story of Mumbai terror attack in our one of the finest radio drama shows. How, taken by surprise, Mumbai stumbles, but then pushes back with a roar.

Case 104 S01 E06

Price: $50.00

Narpischach is the story of one of the most wanted cold-blooded serial killer in India, Shiv Niranjan. Listen, how the man, nicknamed the ‘Narpischach’ or ‘Vampire Man’ by the Indian media, has the entire country reeling with fear over his gruesome crimes.

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