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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fabmarket.in?Fabmarket.in is a one stop shop for all your radio programming requirements. You will find content across multiple categories like - Rj talk shows , Drama , Comedy , Music , etc. Our content is highly curated and powered by best in the business. 
What kind of content is available on Fabmarket.in?Fabmarket.in has over 100k audio content spread across 10 categories. This content is available in multiple languages and can be used for varied target audiences. Celebrity interviews , RJ tal shows , music countdowns , news and many more categories to choose from.
To whom is Fabmarket.in relevant?Fabmarket is targeted to solve all your audio content problems. You will no longer have to worry about producing your own content with lots of operational hassle and high cost. Fabmarket guarantees reduction in production cost , you neither need to set up a studio nor you need a skilled resource. Fabmarket reduces your production cost by over 60%.
How does a customer sign up into the portal?Anyone can sign up on the portal using your work email address and setting up a password. You can use personal email id as well , but we recommend using professional email id only.
Can customers shortlist any Show , to be purchased at a later stage?As a user can shortlist any show to be reviewed at a later date , however you need to be a logged in user to shortlist a show.
Can I preview a sample of the show before purchasing?Yes you can sample any show before purchasing by clicking on the preview play button. Our team has specially curated sample content for you to ensure you get a complete idea of content and voice quality in the audio file
Can I purchase the entire show?We have spread our content in a manner that every module can be purchased independently. You can purchase the entire show or only an individual episode in that show. 
What are the various methods with which customers can make the payment?Payment can be made using any international credit card or debit card. We accept payment in singapore $ so the exchange rate charges have to be borne by the customer.
How can I access the content post purchase?Customers post successful purchases can download the content from the portal any time. You will get an email confirmation with billing details and also file access path to your purchased content.
My queries are not answered here , how can i get in touch with your team?You can get in touch with us by filling in the contact us form and our team will respond back to you within 2 working days.
Fab Market
Fab Market