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Ghanta Singh

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Quick Overview

Not a Santa, nor a Banta, but a Ghanta Singh prank comedy call with the show listeners will keep you and your daily dose of laughter in check. This rib-tickling comedy show will take away all our blues and fill it with lots of fun and frolic.

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Price: $3,070.00


  • Ghanta Singh S01 | 205 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    2 Mins
  • Target Audience
    16 Yrs-50 Yrs


Ghanta Singh S01 E01

Price: $15.00

Ghanta Singh takes the cement owner for a funny ride.

Ghanta Singh S01 E02

Price: $15.00

Ghanta Singh takes the hotel receptionist on a vacation to Goa.

Ghanta Singh S01 E03

Price: $15.00
Hair weaving? Listen to how much fun it can be

Ghanta Singh S01 E04

Price: $15.00

Ghanta Singh's participation in a painting exhibition

Ghanta Singh S01 E05

Price: $15.00

Ghanta Singh irritates the caller with hotel booking issue.

Ghanta Singh S01 E06

Price: $15.00

Listen to Ghanta Singh's prank on JOBS.

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