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Nasha Masterstroke

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Quick Overview

Cricket is in our country’s DNA and Nasha Masterstroke is the first radio show that brings the well-known cricketer, Sandeep Patil, aka, RJ Sandy, up close and personal as he shares his on field and off field ‘kissas’ (stories) and some steamy dressing room gossip, and more. Also listen to the stories of other cricket legends.

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Nasha Masterstroke
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  • Nasha Masterstroke S01 E01 | 20 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    10 Mins
  • Target Audience
    16 Yrs-50 Yrs


Nasha Masterstroke S01 E01

Price: $25.00

Former cricketer turned RJ Sandeep Patil takes us back unfolding significant events in history of Cricket.

Nasha Masterstroke S01 E02

Price: $25.00

RJ Sandeep Patil, aka RJ Sandy reminisces the time when film 'Kranti' was released and the his obsession of his teammates with the film.

Nasha Masterstroke S01 E03

Price: $25.00

RJ Sandeep Patil aka RJ Sandy, talks about Legendary cricketer and former caption Kapil Dev by sharing his expertise in adapting to various pitch conditions and the way he terrorised the opposition.

Nasha Masterstroke S01 E04

Price: $25.00

RJ Sandeep Patil talks about the India-Australia match in 1981 on India's tour of Australia and the priceless advice that Vasu gave him before the tour.

Nasha Masterstroke S01 E05

Price: $25.00

RJ Sandeep Patil talks about the India vs Pakistan Match in 1998, and inside story on the factors that led India to win this important match.

Nasha Masterstroke S01 E06

Price: $25.00

RJ Sandeep Patil talks about the match between India & Pakistan in the year 2000 and his world record against New Zealand, the game in which he scored six boundaries in an over.

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