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Aao Twist Karein

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Quick Overview

Aao Twist Karein is the first dance show on radio and adds that fun twist to your mundane weekends. Hosted by ace choreographer Sandip Soparrkar, the show holds the record of being ‘Radio’s First-ever Dance Show’ (London Book of World). For the first time, we have Bollywood’s best choreographers, actors and dancers open their lives to the world with no holds barred.

Aao Twist Kare
Price: $490.00


  • Aao Twist Karein S01 | 14 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    20 Mins
  • Target Audience
    18 Yrs-40 Yrs


Aao Twist Kare S01 E01

Price: $35.00
In this one of a kind Radio Dance Show, dance maestro Sandip Soparrkar talks to the dance superstars of Indian cinema. Listen to Geeta Kapoor reveal how she got her first break and her journey as a choreographer in Bollywood.

Aao Twist Kare S01 E02

Price: $35.00
In this episode, Sandip gets into a candid conversation with dance maestro Ganesh Acharya, who reveals where he gets his energy from, and how his tough childhood inspired him to work hard to reach where he is today.

Aao Twist Kare S01 E03

Price: $35.00
In this entertaining episode of Aao Twist Karein, Roja actress, Madhoo Shah talks about her classical dance training and how she used to listen to songs on the radio to practice her dance routines.

Aao Twist Kare S01 E04

Price: $35.00
Terrence Lewis, in conversation with Sandip Soparrkar, reveals how he switched careers from hotel management to dance choreographer and contemporary dance teacher. Wah! Kya twist hai!

Aao Twist Kare S01 E05

Price: $35.00
In this episode of Aao Twist Karein, Amisha Patel talks about how dance has been an essential part of her life from the age of 5 years and how it has shaped her career in Bollywood.

Aao Twist Kare S01 E06

Price: $35.00
Experienced choreographer, Vishnu Deva, talks about his journey and experiences of working in regional cinema. Listen to this interesting episode of Aao Twist Karein with dance maestro Sandip Soparrkar as the host and dost!
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