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Cinema ke 100 Saal

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India's cinema has turned 100. From the first silent film "Raja Harishchandra" made in 1913 to "Paglet" released this week, Hindi cinema has come a long way. Celebrating 100 years of our beautiful Hindi films, we have brought you this show. In this show, we bring you a lot of fun things related to the film industry.

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  • Cinema ke 100 Saal | 15 Episode(s)

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Name of Films in Indian Cinema

Price: $26.66

The names of Hindi films are amazing. Sometimes they explain the meaning of the film in one word and sometimes they confuse people by becoming long sentences. Sometimes there are more than one film with the same name. Today we are going to talk about stories related to some of the most fun names in Hindi films. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Villains of Indian cinema

Price: $26.66

Hindi film means hero, heroine and a strong villain. The villain who makes the hero a hero. The character who plays a negative role has always been quite popular in Hindi cinema. Even in the most successful and big films you will see the role of villains more than heroes. Whether it was Sholay's Gabbar Singh or Mr India's Mogambo, everyone left an incredible mark on the sands of time. So today we will talk about Indian cinema's incredible villains.

Films based on Sports

Price: $26.66

Hindi cinema has been making films on sports for a long time and most of them have proved to be milestones. The reason is clear, the audience gets the confluence of sports and entertainment in one place. It has generally been observed that any sports film maintains enthusiasm in the minds of the audience. Let's hear about some of the films that proved to be milestones in sports based movies today.

Films based on foods

Price: $26.66

Films are made on every subject in Bollywood. Every actor does films of different genres. One of them is food. Many food related films have been made in Bollywood. Such as Shimala Mirchi, Chini kaam, Dawat-e-ishq, etc. Let us know some Bollywood films that are made on the subject of food or the title of the film is on food.

Films based on Education

Price: $26.66

Bollywood has been witnessing films based on education from time to time: films that explain the real importance of education. The film Critics have also appreciated these films. Action, drama and comedy films are watched with great relish and people don't fail to watch films on education. In this episode, we will talk about Bollywood films that are based on education.

The Guinness World Record of the Film Industry

Price: $26.66

Hindi films and their associated artists have won honours and awards at all prestigious forums around the world. When it comes to Guinness world records, Hindi cinema has registered its name there several times. Let's talk about all the beautiful moments that Hindi film made its name in the Guinness World Record.

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