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Crazy For Kishore

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Quick Overview

A full-on musical extravaganza, Crazy for Kishore has his sons Amit and Sumit Kumar sharing fun, endearing and some down right crazy anecdotes about the legendary singer. They celebrate Kishore and his life by singing his songs and doing the ‘ Kishoriya Harkatein.’ A fascinating Kishore Da ride, this one!

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Crazy For Kishore
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  • Crazy For Kishore S01 | 25 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    12 Mins
  • Target Audience
    18 Yrs-60 Yrs


Crazy For Kishore S01 E01

Price: $35.00
In this episode, Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar talks about his dad’s unique style of work. How Kishore Da became an actor and more unheard trivia about Kishore Kumar.

Crazy For Kishore S01 E02

Price: $35.00
Our host Amit Kumar, while sharing stories of Kishore Da reveals how the legendary singer used to take care of his voice. Listen to more trivia on Kishore Da, the most melodious singer of all times.

Crazy For Kishore S01 E03

Price: $35.00
Amit Kumar reveals how Kishore Kumar’s crying opened his throat, and he started singing. This, and many more interesting facts about Kishore Kumar, only on Crazy For Kishore.

Crazy For Kishore S01 E04

Price: $35.00
Want to know the importance of number 4 in Kishore Da’s life? Well, we have his son, Amit Kumar, to reveal these interesting facts about the evergreen singer’s life.

Crazy For Kishore S01 E05

Price: $35.00
Kishore Da has a crazy fan following across generations, but did you know that he was also someone’s diehard fan? To answer that question we have his son, Amit Kumar, in the hot seat.

Crazy For Kishore S01 E06

Price: $35.00
Amit Kumar reveals how S. D. Burman and Kishor Da met, and how S. D. Burman helped him to establish his career and reach such impressive heights.
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