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Jhakaas Mornings

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Quick Overview

There’s a new RJ in town and the mornings just got crazier and more entertaining! None other than our jhakaas Anil Kapoor is here with his uncensored deewangi and comic timing on Jhakaas Mornings! Listen to him, as he regales us with a treasure trove of anecdotes from his life in Bollywood.

Jhakkas Mornings
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  • Jhakkas Mornings S01 | 28 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    10 Mins
  • Target Audience
    18 Yrs-40 Yrs


Jhakaas Mornings S01 E01

Price: $35.00
Listen to the playful banter as Anil Kapoor gets late for his first radio show and RJ Rohini coaches him to be the best RJ.

Jhakaas Mornings S01 E02

Price: $35.00
The radio jockey training continues and the wacky Anil Kapoor learns the ropes of hosting a Jhakaas radio show in his inimitable style

Jhakaas Mornings S01 E03

Price: $35.00
Listen to Anil Kapoor chat with RJ Rohini and fondly reminisce about the film ‘Mr. India.’ Jhakaas Mornings with a touch of sentimentalism!

Jhakaas Mornings S01 E04

Price: $35.00
An entertaining morning as Anil Kapoor figures out how to begin his show and fellow celebs wish him the best for Jhakaas Mornings.

Jhakaas Mornings S01 E05

Price: $35.00
A hilarious episode where RJ Rohini tries her acting chops and Anil Kapoor, clearly amused by the lack of her acting prowess, has us in splits with his reaction.

Jhakaas Mornings S01 E06

Price: $35.00
Anil Kapoor relives his Tezaab days as he remembers some of the iconic scenes, songs, and fun incidents from the movie.
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