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Ek Kissa Roz Ka

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Quick Overview
Listen to everyday stories told through the lens of common man, their aspirations, hopes and struggles. Tune in to ‘Ek Kissa Roz Ka’ to listen to some of the mesmerizing stories of humankind in most beautiful radio format.
Ek Kissa Roz Ka
Price: $1,700.00


  • Ek Kissa Roz Ka S01 | 20 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    8 Mins
  • Target Audience
    18 Yrs-60 Yrs


Ek Kissa Roz Ka S01 E01

Price: $55.00
This story is about relationships, where Shazia challenges Rihan to give a rose to her father to win her hand in marriage.

Ek Kissa Roz Ka S01 E02

Price: $55.00
Urvashi tries to set up Rahul her childhood friend with an imaginary girl named Manvi, all the while being in love with Rahul herself.

Ek Kissa Roz Ka S01 E03

Price: $55.00
Some people do not have a great childhood, the love that Simu did not get from her parents, She found it in Varun.

Ek Kissa Roz Ka S01 E04

Price: $55.00
Calmness usually makes you take right decisions. In this story, Tanu takes her revenge poetically after being slashed by knife for not helping Madhav.

Ek Kissa Roz Ka S01 E05

Price: $55.00
Things take a turn when Mehek, who is in a live-in relationship with Nikhil. Finds out that she is pregnant.

Ek Kissa Roz Ka S01 E06

Price: $55.00
Sanskriti has doubts that Prateek is cheating on her and you will be shocked when you find out what happens when she reaches Prateek's House.
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