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Pyaar Ka Punchnama

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Quick Overview

Love is the most beautiful emotion known to mankind. Join us in this sweeping journey of ‘pyaar,’ ‘mohabbat,’ ‘ishk’ and love with some of the most moving ‘Shayari that will mesmerize your senses, melting your heart and soul.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama
Price: $200.00


  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama S01 | 25 Episode(s)

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  • Audio Files
  • Bit Rate
    180 kbps
  • Episode Duration
    2 Mins
  • Target Audience
    18 Yrs-40 Yrs


Pyaar Ka Punchnama S01 E01

Price: $10.00
Heart touching shayari on giving up even before one begins because of the fear of rejection or losing one’s love to circumstance.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama S01 E02

Price: $10.00
Soulful shayari on the deep desire to meet the one you love and how the longing to be with the beloved makes one restless.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama S01 E03

Price: $10.00
Soul searching shayari on expressing yourself to the love of your life through poems, using beautiful words to convey the deep love coursing through your veins.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama S01 E04

Price: $10.00
Deeply moving and melancholic shayari on spending life without the one you love, of going through the motions of being alive but experiencing no happiness.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama S01 E05

Price: $10.00
What emotions run through you, grip you, when you break up with the one you love? This shayari will leave you in tears with its soulful rendition of a love lost forever.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama S01 E06

Price: $10.00
Ah, the “Friendzone’- where you feel so much more, but friendship is all there can be. A beautiful shayari on the flood of emotions that take over when finds oneself caught in in such a situation.
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